Eehwa Ung

Coach, Clinical Research Assistant
Pacific Graduate School of Psychology Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology
Contact: [email protected]

Eehwa is a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology at Pacific Graduate School of Psychology at Palo Alto University. She wants to investigate ways to improve the quality of interpersonal relationships and social support among people diagnosed with Schizophrenia-Spectrum Disorder. Aside from her clinical and research work, she can be found dancing to jazz music, kayaking, rock climbing, reading mythology, or screaming at the TV during hockey season. 


Charlie Ward
Head Coach, Clinical Research Assistant
Wright Institute Doctoral Candidate
Contact: [email protected]

Charlie was educated at Cambridge University and the London School of Economics before moving to the Bay Area from her native England. She is currently pursing a doctral degree at the Wright Institute in Berkeley and she enjoys seeing therapy clients at the San Francisco VA Medical Center. At UCSF, she is involved with research into novel treatments for serious mental illness, and takes a special interst in interventions to improve outcomes in early psychosis. Her interests extend to mobile health technology and she designed a motivational coaching program for young people with schizophrenia that is delivered via a specially designed smartphone app. She trains other clinicians and researchers to implement this model and is excited to learn more about ways in which health technologies can improve people's quality of life. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, blogging, reading fiction, and spending time with friends.


Dan H. Kim

Clinical Research Coordinator/Lab Manager, 2013-2014
Currently: Medical Student at the University of Arizona, College of Medicine in Phoenix

Dan is a graduate of UC San Diego, where he obtained his degree in psychology. He was the DRIVE lab manager for one year from 2013-2014. He is currently a MD candidate at the University of Arizona, Phoenix. Dan has a particular interest in digital health and medical technology and its role in providing fast, efficient, and innovative care for underserved patient populations. He also has a special place in his heart for all things neuroscience and how the brain colors the sensations and perceptions of the world, making each individual experience vastly complex and unique. Dan hopes to be back at UCSF for residency (specialty undecided)!

When Dan isn't thinking about research, he enjoys running, biking, exploration of the city, weird foods, reading, and dog-watching.